The Rapid Design System of Stamping Process Based on KBE

Stamping KBE

The first enterprise level KBE system on the market to support the stamping part and tooling design

CAE Knowledge to Drive Design
  • Combine 20 years knowledge of CAE analysis and stamping workshop experience.
  • Rich CAE analysis result of various stamping features: drawing, forming, blanking, bending and forging etc.
  • No CAE software required, using detail CAE result directly.
  • All analysis result and data are summarized with more than 100 man/year.
Stamping Feature KBE System
  • More than 20 build-in high-value online calculators for various stamping features. Such as drawing process (7 calculators), forming process (9), blanking process (1) and bending process (6).
  • Get result from the online calculator directly.
  • Provided best design as the knowledge base.
  • Very detail and very useful database.

Key Features

  • Integrate feature, calculator and knowledge together
  • Multi-stage deep drawing calculator
  • Design of deep drawing process
  • Bending process with known-how
  • On line calculators
  • Blanking and shaving process
  • Springback for high precision bending
  • Stamping difficult level


Base on the last CAE analysis result

Very detail stamping feature studying

With more than 20 years CAE experience

Optimize the stamping process and conditions

Cost control in early stage

Build-in high-value stamping calculators

KBE data customization

KBE data sheet or graphics with industrial know-how


Flexible price plan for your business (Currency in USD)



$99 / month

  • One month license period
  • Free maintenance and upgrade
  • Online support
  • Email support
  • Offline to use software

Half yearly


$549 / 6 months

  • Six months license period
  • Free maintenance and upgrade
  • Online support
  • Email support
  • Offline to use software

Success Stories

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Complete solution for casting, stamping and welding industry

C3P Engineering Software International has been founded in 2006 and providing the professional design & analysis solution for the manufacturing industry. Our main products are "Cast-Designer", "Cast-Designer Weld", "Geo-Designer", "AI-FORM" and "SavingCAST", which were already captured the Global market. We have sold our products in more than 28 countries and those countries have our distributors. We are not famous by our Company name but by our products. The Software specially focuses on the virtual manufacturing field to provide end-to-end solution for metal casting, sheet metal forming, weld and assembly. Our solution built in the Design for Manufacturing, Design Capability, Advance Front Simulation, the last CAE technology, Automatic Optimization and Final Performance Validation to a whole package; to consider the Multi-Physics, Multi-Scale and Real Material. As a pioneer of numerical simulation solution provider, C3P Software provides the industry and the manufacturing business with comprehensive solutions and engineering services on a global basis to meet their expectation in high quality, on-schedule delivery within cost target. Our business scope covers software development, professional engineering service, and application software integration.